week 51 image

Week 51. To me this music is more Dada, but then just about all art is Dada, equally no art is Dada. It is a relatively recent interest for me, and I am fascinated by it. Just like me to embrace a nearly 100 year old philosophy. It is as always made without drum machines or sequencers, and I suppose is me (in part) trying to sound like it was. I have tried to contrast the computer like sounds with about 15 low tech percussion instruments played completely without reference to the piece. This music should play for ever, I just put it on repeat.

I really enjoyed making this image and discovered some new techniques as I worked. It is not Dada inspired, but has
I think, some of the ebb and flow of the music. It reminds me a lot of week 7, but is much more ordered.

If you are unable to hear this week's music (it should play automatically)  please click here to access the mp3 only
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