week 48 image

Week 48.  After last week's introspection, I felt in need of some frivolity, so I turned again to Moondog for a starting point. This percussive piece uses two rounds, one ascending, one descending, with four voices in total. I can easily pick out each of the four voices in turn, as they rise and fall. 

I love this little musical game, it makes me think that I have stumbled on four people as they play or discuss who knows what. After watching unobserved for a while, I leave quietly, careful not to disturb them. It seems obvious that they will carry on like this for ages.

I painted the image without too much thought about all that, I just listened and let it happen. I am happy to present this image as you see it above, or turned through 90°, so that it appears like a hanging panel.

If you are unable to hear this week's music (it should play automatically)  please click here to access the mp3 only
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