week 44 image

Week 44. This piece of music took shape quickly and naturally. I enjoyed finding the chugging keyboard bass figure and the Ronnie Jordan like guitar line to go with it (as always not really a guitar, but a bass).

What a weird painting; I'm not sure if I like it or not, but I am fascinated by it. I'm trying at the moment to learn more about the paint I use, so I let the paint lead the way on this one. The shapes came directly from the way the paint flowed, and the resulting monumental forms seem to match the music. 

The silver panels and the gold droplets on the left mark my visits to see Gustav Klimt's fantastic "Portrait of Hermine Gallia" at the National Galley twice in the last two weeks. In Klimt's painting Hermine Gallia's jewellery is sometimes all you can see on the canvas, but from a different view or in a different light it completely vanishes. That is what I was after here, It is similar to how one can hear different things in a piece of music on different listenings. 

I'm afraid the effect doesn't photograph very well, another reason for you to visit the exhibition next March and see the real thing. 

Anyway after all that technical musing, I think the music and the image are a real pair. To me they are both asking the same question.  

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