week 43 image

Week 43.  I really enjoyed this week's music. As you can hear, I played it out on our wooden porch with the rest of the family band. I had fun emulating dobro guitar sounds with .......................... (just for a change), my double bass. I'm not going to tell you how I did it, it's a secret! 

It has been a real challenge all through the project to find ways of extending the range of my basses and making them work in different contexts. It is very exciting, and I have learnt a lot. 

I wanted an artless, organic image to go with this music, because that is how I think about a lot of bluegrass or country music. Like a lot of musical styles it has become homogenised over the years, but can be completely real. I tried also to let this image show its own history.

If you are unable to hear this week's music (it should play automatically)  please click here to access the mp3 only
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