Week 31.  This week is the start of a five week project, a project within the project, something I have been thinking about for a while, but finally triggered by the Moondog inspired work on week  29.  All five visual pieces  will be bas-reliefs, starting with one form (above). Next week will have two forms, the week after three, and so on.  

The music is similar in that this week I am using only one note (C), played in different registers all over the double bass. Next week I will add a second note. Week by week I will echo the artwork by adding another element or note.  I am going to use an open or free improvisational idiom for this music.

I am starting off with a similar simple form to the one I used for week 13, and I am going to try to use colours which I would not usually think of using, particularly for a relief sculpture. It is also important to me that I make sure all five images work together. The same goes for the music.

I will end up with the fifth artwork using five elements or forms. The fifth musical piece will feature five notes, how exciting, what fun !!  

Well I'm excited.

If you are unable to hear this week's music (it should play automatically)  please click here to access the mp3 only

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