week 24 image

Week 24. At the end of last week, I watched a video interview with Don Rendell (I was in his band for a couple of years and have recorded two albums with him). He was talking about making jazz swing in 5/4 and how his opinions had changed over the years, it was all very interesting. Anyway to cut a long story short, that I think must be why this weeks music is in 5/4!

Last weeks image was one of the smallest I have painted, so this week I made a conscious decision to produce a bigger painting. It is  28" x 21" on a thick and heavy board, and seems very substantial. The result? on my computer screen it looks smaller than last weeks work! You will have to come along to the exhibition to see this one at its best. I did think about making reference to 5/4 in the image but in the end just went with the flow.

Week 24 is dedicated to my dad on Fathers Day, despite the fact that I think we both slightly disapprove of this recently invented celebration. He taught me how to take things to pieces......................and put them back together.

If you are unable to hear this week's music (it should play automatically)  please click here to access the mp3 only

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