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My project was to create a new  piece of music and a visual artwork to accompany it every week for the year of 2010.


Tuesday  22nd April 2011  well that's that then, I officially declare this subject closed.

I will however keep the completed project 
online and unsold work will remain for sale (paintings, books and CD's). I think the Cowrie Bay website will probably have to be redesigned soon and one feature that I will include is a new work page.

I have lots of ideas for the next project(s), one which particularly interests me is an online magazine or pamphlet, call it what you like but an online version of the sort of publication that the Futurists, Dadaists, 
Surrealists and many other groups made. I hope to be able to use this to show and shape my new work.

Please keep an eye on my websites and shortly I will have some more information for you.

Tuesday  12th April 2011 The book and CD of the project are now available online, view details here 

Sunday 2nd April 2011 Sorry again, I just haven't had time to post any news. Trying to steward the show and play gigs this week has resulted in my time at home being spent mainly ..... sleeping. When the show finishes I will wrap the whole thing up on this page.
Thursday 24th March 2011  Sorry I have got so behind with any news, but it has been so hectic. I can say that the show is up and running and we had a great private view.

I will try and get some more news on this weekend.

Sunday13th March 2011 Double CD is done ! Book is finished and at the printers! Restorations/changes complete! Almost all done !!

One annoying little annoyance is annoying me, annoyingly the Gallery is to be closed on March the 29th. Sorry but the show will be closed on March 29th.

I will be posting prices for the book/exhibition catalogue and CD's in the next few days. They, like the paintings will be significantly cheaper if purchased directly from me. I may be able to add online payment for this.

Sunday 6th March 2011 I am starting to feel a little happier about the prospect of actually getting everything ready in time for the show, I think I might make it!  As you may have noticed I have added some sold notices to the thumbnail images on the main page, I have had several other enquires, so thought I should let you know current availability. Please contact me for prices; paintings will be cheaper if bought before the exhibition.

Sunday 27th Feb 2011  Less and less time to blog news as the show gets closer, but here is a quick update ......... I hope to start sending invites out within a week. The book and CD should be rolling off the presses next week. I have embarked on my looming problems (restoration of two artworks, slightly damaged since the heady days of creation). If you would like an invite to the private view (the evening of March 22nd) please contact me.

Sunday 20th Feb 2011. I am thinking of holding the exhibition right here at home, at the moment every available bit of wall space is covered with the  project. The memsahib is very tolerant, no that is unfair, enthusiastic and encouraging is the correct description.

All tasks are rushing headlong towards completion, the looming potential problems mentioned two weeks ago are still looming and not confronted. I can't ignore them much longer.

Sunday 13th Feb 2011. We are now well into February and I still have a huge amount of work to do to prepare for the show. I had no idea when I started the project that it would be as all embracing as it was, still less did I realise how much work would be involved in putting the show together.

So, less news (I haven't really got any) and blogging and back to work.

Incidentally, I hope to see some of you at the Purcell Room tonight for the annual Fats Waller tribute concert. I have been involved with this amazing ongoing event (which started life
sponsored by the BBC Jazz Club) for about 20 years, it still sells out every year.
Sunday 6th Feb 2011.  Another busy week, I must stop saying that. I am pleased with the way my preparations  are going, although I have two potential problems looming (more on that if and when).

I have finally written my final conclusions, finally and for the last time. Finally you can read them here ........ final conclusions 

Sunday 30th Jan 2011.
A  very busy week, preparing paintings for the show, meeting about book production, organizing C.D's  and so on. It is harder than producing the actual work and certainly less exciting; I think I need a P.A. Please make applications for this fulfilling but unpaid post to the management.

I haven't added any more thoughts about the work itself this week, but I am finding it fascinating going through all the paintings in the course of preparing for the show. It is very interesting and mildly perturbing wondering what kind of personality created all this stuff.

Sunday 22nd Jan 2011.
You will have already seen my "news" this week because I have redesigned the project home page. I had been wanting to do this for months but just haven't had the time. Having finished the project I still don't have the time, but felt that it was now or never, let me know if you think it is an improvement,

Work is still proceeding at full speed ahead on preparing the work for the exhibition; I still haven't really decided on a good way to present  the music without spending a whole load of money that I don't have. If anybody has any ideas please get in touch.

I should say that as of now all these paintings are for sale (prices as yet not fixed). All paintings will be available for collection or dispatch after the exhibition and will be cheaper if purchased before the exhibition. Please contact me to discuss availability and prices.

 Sunday 16th Jan 2011.
I have finally got myself moving properly on preparing the paintings for the exhibition, fixing hanging fittings, tidying edges, mounting and so on. It seems a little less daunting now that I have started.

I have also posted my first shell shocked conclusions, you a can view them here ....... first conclusions

Sunday  9th Jan 2011. I emerged blinking into the light on the first of January, except there wasn't any light, apparently we have had lots of snow and ice and it has been very cold.

I gave myself a few days off when the project was completed, but now I am active again and looking at what needs to be done to make the exhibition as good as  I can. I have to get the music onto CD and organise (with the huge help of son Matt and daughter in law Katy, who know about this sort of thing) the book. I think it is going to be a busy time. I am going to keep this blog going to keep you all informed of my progress and anything to do with the project that I think you may find interesting.  

I have started work on my first feelings and conclusions on completing, and I will post this in the next week. It will be in the style of the bulletins  I have posted through the year.

I won't pre-empt those conclusions, but I will say that I feel rather odd without my project and somewhat at a loss, ho hum.

Once again I want to thank every one for the amazing encouragement I have had through out the Year

You are listening to the music from  week 37  

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