2010 in Music and Art @ Cowrie Bay.

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My project was: a new  piece of music and a visual artwork to accompany it every week for the year of 2010.

final conclusions

I think this will be my last commentary on  the project, time to move on etc etc . I wanted to make some comments on the methods  I used,  techniques I learnt, problems I encountered and so on, but as always when I really got down to it, I found the reality to be very different from my expectations. What should I expect, it is always like that, in life as in art, I never know how I did it and if I learn anything I file the "learning" away and forget where I put it. So as always. I would rather talk about concepts than conclusions.

However, this time I will not give up without trying and I will try to make a few (concluding) observations.

I made the music and art in exactly the same way, I found an idea and played with it, I moved it around, looked/listened and then adjusted. I very rarely found something and stuck with my first idea, it was almost always a long process. Looking back at the work, I can see the way that the music and art is connected by the process.

Making or finding totally abstract things is almost impossible, that is one thing I have learnt. Every shape seems to suggest something to someone; I tried very hard to keep representational imagery out of the paintings but not always very successfully. It was fascinating hearing peoples
"representational" interpretations of my "abstract" pieces.

I have been really excited by the way that a lot of the images work any way up or down, landscape or portrait. That was one of my objectives and in many cases I'm pleased to see the results. I wanted to achieve a calm sculptural balance. I think that is all I look for in an abstract image, I want to feel that the image has it's own life or reason for being there, quite independent of the artist and his or her intentions or feelings.

Predictably, I feel just the same about music

I surprised myself with some of the music I created, a lot of it was in styles I would not normally use or consider. Somehow or other they just popped out and have really given me food for future thought.

I am already really missing the constant creation process, it was a completely amazing feeling and one I have never had before. I suppose each time I go out to work and play my basses I am experiencing the same thing to a certain extent, but the project meant I had to create from scratch each week and that was unique. Last year I could for the first time, call myself an artist !!!

Computers, modern technology and the internet made my project possible, but I dislike all those things even more now than before I started. I wish we could agree that none of it had ever been invented. Luddite, moi?

I am really looking forward to a more in depth approach when I get back to work, hopefully without losing my spontaneity.

I need new projects and I will find some. I will not put myself, if at all possible, under that kind of pressure again.

I will let you know ON THE INTERNET when I decide what next.

You are listening to the music from  week 15 

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