2010 in Music and Art @ Cowrie Bay.

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My project: a new  piece of music and a visual artwork to accompany it every week for the year of 2010.

9 month bulletin, 3rd October.

I am amazed to find myself on the last few laps, it is very surprising to realise that I am 3/4 of the way there. I am now excited and impatient to finish well and come up with some interesting work during the remaining weeks.

Looking back on the finished work so far, I can see a small story in every weeks work, I hope that some of those stories come across to the listener or viewer. I don't mean a story in the conventional sense, but that somehow, much to my surprise, in some way the year is being documented. I had at the outset, hoped that this would be the case. It is only now, 9 months in, that I can see that it is happening.
On this occasion I'm going to keep the bulletin short, I am thinking more about the work than the bulletin, but I will ask you to keep watching and listening to the next 3 months work. That is what has kept me going so far, knowing that  you are with me.

I am more excited by my project now than at any time, maybe I'm finally beginning to get the hang of it.

You are listening to the music from week  14

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