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My project: a new  piece of music and a visual artwork to accompany it every week for the year of 2010.

3 month bulletin, 4th April.

It really is 3 months since I started this project!  I can't believe that I am already a quarter of the way through. It has been exciting, rewarding, completely engrossing and amazingly difficult. I have loved every minute so far.

The first few weeks' work were very hard to complete and made the prospect of the whole year daunting to say the least. I had all sorts of technical problems quite apart from the problems of creating the work, and for a while the project seemed all but impossible. I'm glad to say that gradually I settled down to the task and began to deal with the problems in a more rational manner.

The first and most important lesson that I have learnt is that with each new week I have to immediately and completely forget the things that have obsessed me for the previous 7 days.
If the new week's work is to stand a chance of success, I have to move on without a backward glance. It doesn't matter any more if the previous work has succeeded or not, it just is!

Before I started I gave myself some rules, as far as possible I was not going to use much computer help with the music. There would be no loops , drum machines or sequencers,
I was going to try to play everything myself! I have managed so far to stick with this and it has helped and hindered me; helped in that it forces me to think laterally and be a lot more creative, hindered because it makes some simple tasks much more difficult. It has been like acrylic paint. The best thing about acrylic is that it dries so quickly, the biggest problem with it is .........that it dries so quickly!

I gave myself no rules with the visual artwork, but I soon realised that I was expecting myself just to paint, and to paint just abstract images. I carried on with this until week 11, when I suddenly found myself making a relief sculpture. I'm happy with this turn of events and feel that it has freed me up a bit. I have always loved this sort of art, I particularly like the work of Ben Nicholson, Hans Arp and David Smith. I want to stick with abstract images but hope that maybe other media and techniques will seem right for future weeks'  work.

I have been aware right from the start of this project of the amazing goodwill, support and encouragement that I have had from family, friends and colleagues. It is wonderful and very much appreciated.
I had hoped that by now (3 months in), I would have developed "a method", a way of going about my weekly endeavour. I am sorry to say that I'm a long way from that happy state, I don't even have a starting point. Each week it feels the same, I wonder where a new idea will come from and if it will be any good. This seems to be the fun and the terror of it all.

You are listening to the music from  week 3  

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